Hello, Nerth!

Say hello to Nearth!

He is a fox-dog-whatever, and he has a red halo.

This is Nearth’s best friend, Dolph.

He likes to wear earth tones.


And this is their neighbor, Richard!

He has shaving issues and he sweats a lot.

Welcome to Hello, Nearth – the only site in the known universe devoted to the wonderful, the incomparable, the entirely innocent creature that is Nearth.

FAQ / Common Misunderstandings

What’s all this about “Nearth?”

This site is dedicated to Nearth, an adorably wholesome fox-dog-whatever whose head is permanently framed by a red halo for some unknown reason.

So: Say Hello to Nearth, close your eyes, and imagine that Nearth says “Hello” right back to you! (Doesn’t that make you feel better?)

Nearth’s best friend is Dolph. Dolph loves the outdoors! He always wears his spiffy belt and is very much a traditionalist.

Richard is their common acquaintance. Dolph and Nearth would spend more time with him, but Richard has an unsettling voice and a bit of a temper.

Do you realize that Nearth’s head looks like a <baseless conjecture>? Also, Dolph has the contour of a <wild theory>, and Richard resembles a <inappropriate word>.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. You have a twisted mind.

Based on the domain name, I expected something different.

I get that a lot. I don’t quite understand it, but I get it a lot. This is, quite obviously, a site to say Hello to Nearth. Hence its name: Hello, Nearth!

Is this domain for sale?

It’s unlikely. There have been inquiries, but the people who have shown interest so far don’t seem to be friends of Nearth.

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